Upscale Delivery

Please place your orders 2-3 days in advance by texting or calling 401-219-9880. Deliveries are made 7 days a week hot, or cold with instructions.

Fall menu 

Triple apple $16 per plate 

Seasonal greens,  Black diamond apples, Charred shallots, Apple chips, Champagne apple vinaigrette. 

The Farmers Market $16 per plate 

Mixed greens and romaine, roasted corn, confit tomatoes, charred red pepper, pickled green beans, chickpeas, deviled egg, feta, red wine vin.

Gin and ginger (Thai tofu, Thai Chicken, or Thai shrimp) $26-$30 per plate 

Quinoa, peanut, carrot, cabbage, wonton, wasabi Aioli, 

The Veggie $22 per plate 

Veggie steak, Chickpea, Mushroom, Cauliflower, Tomato vegetable risotto, banana peel bacon.

Veggies 5 ways $28 per plate

Truffle parm brussels, charred pumpkin, roasted cauliflower, smoked Latin American bush beans, spiced fried radish.

Curried Cod $22 per plate 

Cod, Tumeric onion soubise, cavatappi, roasted reds, spinach, coconut curry aioli, Scallion. 

Spiced brown sugar short rib $35 per plate

Short rib, creamy polenta

Succotash: corn, summer squash, edamame, sage.

Chicken Statler $24 per plate 

Bone in chicken breast, Zucchini noodles, Truffle garlic roasted potatoes, Chicken au jus supreme.

Gochujang Ribeye $35 per plate 

Ribeye, Mushroom whipped potatoes, Shoyu fall vegetable medley, Scallion. 

Lobster Mac $33 per plate Regular Mac $22 per plate

Cavatapi, secret 5 cheese blend. Cheese to crisped to perfection.

Sweet and Spicy salmon $32 per plate 

Spicy crispy skin salmon, sweet potato smash, Brussels two ways. Sage brown butter. 

Soups and Sides

Truffle potato soup Quart $18. Pint $9.

Butternut bisque Quart $16. Pint $8.

Spicy lentil kale Quart $16. Pint $8

Whipped potatoes Quart $12. Pint $6.

Succotash: corn, summer squash, edamame, sage Quart 18. Pint $9.

Roasted brussels Quart $14. Pint 7.

Garlic roasted potatoes Quart $12. Pint $6.